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11843500_s“Family Law,” is a general area of law that involves all aspects of any potential legal issue that may arise throughout the lifetime of a family. While all matters pertaining to divorce and child custody fall under the purview of Family Law, there are also many other aspects of family law that have nothing to do with divorce proceedings, but involve myriad legal and financial issues that come within the family relationship. A family attorney handles prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, and civil and domestic partnerships. Both heterosexual and same-sex couples that are living together often seek one of these agreements in order to delineate their separate property, protect their assets, or protect the rights of their partner. A family who is seeking to put a child up for adoption or, conversely, wishes to adopt a child, will often retain the services of a private attorney rather than go through other avenues. Paternity can become an issue in almost any case of child custody or child support matter. At times, the rights of a child or children must be protected and legal advice must be retained. This may also pertain to issues of elder law and whether there is a need for power of attorney or not. Every aspect of planning the creation or dissemination of an estate must be done in a legally binding way in order to be effective. This includes establishing trusts, drawing up wills, and ordering division of property. After death there will be issues involving probate, which involves the process of proving a will is valid, identifying and inventorying the deceased’s property, having that property appraised, and paying off debts and taxes before ensuring that the remaining property is distributed as the will dictates. During this process the will may be contested as well, and that also becomes a matter for the family attorney to handle.

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The most common area that a family attorney handles deals with all aspects of a divorce proceeding, including annulment and legal separation. Oregon allows “no-fault” divorce only, meaning that the only grounds for a divorce are “irreconcilable differences.” Charges of “fault,” such as adultery or other misconduct are not considered in divorce proceedings in Oregon, as they are in some other states. This means that “fault” by one spouse or the other is not considered when determining child or spousal support. There are times when a divorce may be handled in a simple “do-it-yourself” manner, but this generally applies only when the parties are younger, there is little or no joint debt or joint property, and there are no children involved. However, if any of these factors apply to a marriage, no matter how long that marriage has lasted, obtaining the advice of a skilled family attorney who also specializes in the area of Oregon divorce law is always the smartest thing to do. Once a divorce decree is filed, it is binding and permanent, and very difficult to change after the fact if mistakes have been made.

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Divorce Attorney Joe DavisAs an attorney I specialize in the areas of both divorce and family law. I make the distinction between “divorce” and “family law” because there are often a very different range of emotions involved, and so there are different personal and professional skills needed to handle each area. While divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a family’s life, adoption, on the other hand, is generally filled with hope and enthusiasm. Families who are involved in estate planning are thinking about entirely different issues than a family who has lost a significant member who did not leave a will. As a family lawyer I can not only assess and advise my clients on their legal rights and options, but I also have the skills necessary to either negotiate agreements between parties, or litigate in court for them. I have the resources and expertise to handle the complex financial arrangements involved in everything from the division of significant property and assets in a divorce case, to helping a young family plan an estate and set up trusts for their children. There is a reason why a family generally retains a family lawyer for many years; a good family lawyer can provide compassionate and understanding legal guidance for all aspects of interpersonal family matters.