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7741351_sDivorce is an emotional and stressful process, no matter how amicable both parties are. Getting divorced is hard enough, but once your divorce is final – the court orders that detail the terms of your divorce are extremely difficult – if not impossible – to change. Your divorce decree is binding, and it will affect every area of your life, from your relationship to your children to the property, assets, and even the retirement income both you and your spouse have. Unless your marriage has been one of short duration and there are no assets, debts, or children involved, obtaining the advice of a well-qualified divorce lawyer is always the best idea.

It’s vital that you understand your rights, the options that are available to you, and the ramifications of any decisions you make during this difficult process. I can help you navigate through your divorce in a professional manner that helps you obtain a fair result.

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It’s important to understand that divorce laws vary considerably from state to state. Sometimes expected results may vary from county to county or even from judge to judge. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand these differences and advocate for a just and equitable outcome in your divorce. A qualified divorce lawyer understands the ongoing evolution of divorce law, and can guide you through the course of action that will best serve your interests while you are going through the difficult process of a divorce.

What are the legal obligations of a divorce?

When you and your spouse married, both of you assumed legal obligations to each other. The same is true when you divorce; there are legal obligations for both of you that must be considered and followed. The most important – and often most difficult – consideration that must be taken into account are your children. You and your spouse have legal obligations to your children to provide and maintain their health, education, and well being. In Oregon, however, joint custody is only awarded if both parents are in total agreement, which is often not the case. This means that one parent is often granted sole custody of a child or children. The parent with “sole custody” has more legal authority to make decisions that affect the life of any children in the marriage, while the “non-custodial” parent has few or no legal rights to make decisions regarding a child’s upbringing. If you and your spouse have a child or children together, it is your duty to work together for their highest good, and a qualified divorce attorney can help you work together to achieve the best outcome for all concerned.

The other considerations that must be taken into account when divorcing involve the assets you and your spouse have together. Your home, other real estate, business interests, retirement income, pensions, and debts are all matters that must be divided equitably. In Oregon there are many complicated guidelines, regulations, and methods of calculating the monetary value of your life together, and how to divide it. In a divorce, however, it is almost inevitable that all issues involving money become emotionally charged, especially if there are children involved, or if there are considerable assets between you. This aspect of divorce can often become a contentious and trying process. As your divorce attorney, I can help you through this difficult and distressing process. You are welcome to call my office to schedule an initial consultation. I will be glad to help you decide what your next step will be.

Attorney Joseph R. Davis

Attorney Joe Davis

Practice: Divorce and family law, business advice.

Joe’s practice is focused on divorce and family law with a strong business background. Joe’s background allows him to assist clients that need to value and divide family businesses, medical practices, and other business interests. Joe also provides advice to businesses and individuals on a variety of issues including real estate transactions, the purchase and sale of businesses and professional practices, and the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate.

Background and Education: Joe graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He received his law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law and has practiced law since 1998. Joe began his practice and developed significant trial experience as a Deputy District Attorney in Portland, Oregon. During his time as a Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Joe dealt with a wide variety of matters including juvenile custody issues. Joe has also served as senior in-house counsel for a publicly traded company where his practice focused on business advice and managing the company’s litigation matters.

Interests: Joe and his wife stay busy with their two young children. Joe is active in the community in a variety of ways including serving, or having served, on the Medford-Alba Sister City Board, the Board of Education for Rogue Community College, the Center for Non-Profit Legal Services Board, and on the Southern Oregon University Youth Advisory Board.

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